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"Unraveling Toxic Behavior in Online  Games"


A technical paper on toxic behavior in gaming, the reasons it arises in competitive games, and long-term solutions that game developers can implement in their games.

Read the article here: PDF



Kinect Synthesizer


Watch the demonstration here: YouTube


Audio Tour of Hoboken


Recording samples were taken from various parts of Hoboken, NJ. Audio was mapped by location to a midi controller called a Launchpad. Audio mapping was achieved using SuperCollider, and midi lighting was made possible through the Launchpad.py library.

Watch the demonstration here: YouTube



Currently in development! 2D Unity game originally created for SGDC's Game Jam X and GitHub's Game-Off 2016!

Sign up for a Play Store alpha invite: Signups
Play the GitHub Game-Off submission here: [OLD: 0.1.0] Tangent


Lead Developer / Creator

RedBot is a open source project with the goal to create an easy to manage Discord bot bundled with an array of useful commands.
The link to the GitHub repository can be found here: RedBot


Visual Effects & Sound Design

Pakij is a game where you (a rejected package) try to escape the factory that seems to be created to soley crush you. The game snagged 1st place in the Stevens Game Development Club's Game Jam IX.

Download and play here! Pakij

Stevens Overwatch League

Head Organizer / Founder

Currently finishing up its 2nd season, the Stevens Overwatch League is an on-campus eSports league dedicated to getting more gamers on campus to team up and face each other in a fun, but competitive format. Each season pulls in around 50 Stevens students.
Season 1
Season 2 Group Stage
Season 2 Playoffs


Project HiWay


Project HiWay was a project I started to explore the VR Rhythm Game genre. The game won 3rd place in the Stevens Game Development Club’s Game Jam VII
Get the game here! itch.io page



Created this website to showcase projects I have done over time!
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My very first game I have designed from the ground up! It somehow managed to get 2nd place in a small game jam on-campus.
Download and play here! GravBall